I don’t know about you but I’m a snacker. I can’t remember the last time I made it from lunch to dinner without even a little something in between. And I am SO okay with that. Because if you have ever come across me when I've been without food too long you'll know that the word 'hangry' was made up to decsribe me. So one thing I like to do to avoid the mardy monster is carry snacks around with me in my bag just in case. I also like to get in some form of protein in said snack, as our bodies can't actually store protein so it's great to spread out your consumption of it throughout the day. The other awesome thing about these is that no blender is required to create them - just a bowl and a sp


So I get that courgette for breakfast seems a little weird. Trust me, I know. The looks I get from my family as I stand grating a courgette into my oats on a morning does indeed confirm that you might be feeling a little skeptical about the success of this breakfast, but I just need you to trust me on this one. 'Why are you adding a courgette to your oats?!!' I hear you cry?! Well 1. Getting them greens in early 2. It will add volume and fluffiness to your oats like you can't believe - nom! And you can't even taste it. My favourite way to serve this is with a dollop of chocolate peanut butter and a sprinkle of chocolatey buckwheat clusters. If you're still skeptical that's okay, but as I wou


Raw vegan cheesecakes, for the most part, are probably your worst nightmare if you have a nut allergy. As standard there are usually at least two types of nuts in the cakes - one for the base and one for the filling - so they won't exactly be your go-to dessert. But one of my best friends is allergic to nuts and I didn't want her to feel left out. So a few days ago when we decided to have a sleepover the challenge was set - because the only way to sleepover right is with One Tree Hill re-runs and an epic bowl of dessert. When I went to Bali last year I tried two different raw cheesecakes that were out of this world incredible; both were coconut mocha. So rather than using the traditional ca


You know those weird people that can't stay in bed past 7am? Yeah, hi I'm Georgina and I have a problem with sleeping on a morning. It's not that I don't want to - more that my body decides once I'm up I'm up. This, combined with the fact that I live 30 minutes away from my gym and the places I teach yoga, means I don't often eat breakfast at home. Usually it's eaten out of a jar or container post gym, pre work. I've trailed many different portable breakfast options over the years, smoothies, eggs, chia puddings, yogurt, beans.... but none of them ever beat my love for overnight oats. Cold eggs and beans are not my cup of tea (to put it lightly), and no-one likes a watery smoothie. So these

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