I am writing my yearly ‘ENGLAND HAS SUN’ blog post (seriously I’m pretty sure I could find one of these for every year since I started Nourish Always) and quite suitably I am bringing you something that is ice cold and super quick to make, because no one wants to be anywhere near a cooker when it’s 28 degrees outside and there’s no air con. Last year it was this ice cream, this year it’s a smoothie bowl of dreams (aka so thick you have to eat with a spoon). I already emailed out this recipe on my newsletter a few weeks ago and it went down really well, so I wanted to share it a little more widely. The most important thing about making this smoothie is the method, as that is what ensures a cr


Back when I was at university I had a small (huge) obsession with porridge, and for about three years I had it every single day (yes really). Repetitive right? Well no, because I was in love with creating different variations! Oats in jars, baked oats, oats with toppings, oats resembling my favourite desserts, you name it I’ve tried it, and ‘carrot cake oats’ was the first. I think my favourite thing about this whole story is that I had never actually eaten carrot cake (the real deal) before I made this porridge, so I have no idea what drove me to try grating a carrot into my oats but I’m pretty damn glad I did! One of the main reasons I love this combo is that it’s so comforting, and when y


I’ve never been a ‘food prepper’, I’ve never done a ‘Food Prep Sunday’ or stacked up a load of Tupperware’s ready for the week, because to be honest it’s never really appealed to me. I always considered myself someone who just loved to cook and thus didn’t mind spending a little extra time preparing each meal as they happened. But as life has become more more hectic – running my own business, teaching late, spending lots of time whizzing round in my car – I’ve lost my love for that. Instead of lovingly creating meals I often arrive home ravenous and can’t think of anything worse than spending half an hour making food. I’ve started relying a little too much on protein shakes and smoothies as

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