After a huge spell of feeling like I would do anything to avoid it, I have recently started to enjoy cooking again. And it’s funny because it’s not really that much has changed, I still eat a diet predominantly made up of plants, grains, and smoothies (let’s pretend that last one is food group of it’s own - I LOVE a smoothie bowl), I still cook at the same time and for the same people (mainly just me!), but what has changed is my mindset. Over the past few of weeks I have been working on ridding myself of the rules I created around food, I’ve started to worry less about the nutritional content of my meals, and whether or not it is too high in fat/ calories/ carbohydrates, and more about what


At university these pancakes were a go to breakfast for me (yes really, I did an English degree, I had a lot of time...) I used to love getting home from the gym to whizz them up in my blender and then top them with a load of peanut butter. But since leaving uni 3 years ago I havent really made them. It's not that they are difficult, in fact they're the opposite, they are the only pancakes I've ever not turned into scramble. It's just that until I was browsing through my old computer I had kind of forgotten they existed, plus I eat out of a Tupperware most days, so it's usually oats and smoothies for breakfast now-a-days. So I wanted to try them again, and I did this morning after busy week

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