January 26, 2018

I have shied away from talking about recovery for a long time because I’m ‘fine’, I’m recovered right? 11 years on from when this all started I’m just not sure my feelings valid. I mean, I eat now, when I once didn’t; I’m not so underweight that I’ll drop dead; and hey...

January 18, 2018

Week 2 of the ‘Food Prep Series’ brings you something similar for your brekkie in the form of a new oat recipe, and something different with stove cooked veggies and the best sweet potato wedges for lunch. Both recipes are super versatile; they can be adapted to includ...

January 5, 2018

I’m currently sat here in my kitchen post-soup making trying to come up with something interesting to say to start this blog post. But to be honest all I can think about is that I haven't washed up yet and that I really want to make some granola. 

And this has kind of g...

January 3, 2018

I had this idea at the end of last year (like 2 days ago) that I could help others (and myself) be inspired to food prep. I didn’t want it to come from a place of restriction, dieting or meeting macros or even #gains but instead I wanted for it to be a movement of self...

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