March 30, 2019

CHOCOLATE PROTEIN PANCAKES - VEGAN - PLUS A PLASTC FREE UPDATE We have gotten into a groove. Gone are the struggles of week 2; we know what we are doing, and ac

March 21, 2019


As expected this week has been much easier than last. We have got into a bit of a more of a groove. We are still berry-less (Booths had none), however we ARE going to try the famers market this coming week. And yet, actually, it turns out we are okay with...

March 15, 2019

#plasticfree40 - Week 2. Okay, so I have decided this was the hardest week that giving up plastic would bring us.... when wee are still trying to figure things

March 11, 2019

Week 1 of #PLASTICFREE40

Okay I am not going to lie - week 1 has been a doddle. For the most part Gareth and I lived plastic free anyways. We made the decision a while ago now to get all our fruit and veg individually rather than wrapped up, we buy bread locally and ove...

March 4, 2019

#plasticfree40 Hey! Just a quick blog post about the 40 day plastic free challenge we are doing

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