Okay so fun fact, I actually started my own home yoga practice off by joining into an online challenge. Way back when, it was part of what motivated me and gave me the confidence to get on my mat outside of the studio; it helped me jump into the bigger world of yoga and see just how expansive it is.

So understandably I was pretty excited to get to be part of a fab group of girls hosting a yoga challenge last month; I never would have believed that could have been me. But one thing that got me was just how easy it was for us to put together. I had mistakenly thought you had to be some fancy yoga guru with a huge social media following and lots of sponsors in order to run one, but actually anyone can. Quite fittingly and in line with the reason for running this challenge, all you have to do is start.

So what is a yoga challenge? What does in entail? Well a yoga challenge will typically run anywhere between 5 - 30 days. For each one of those days a pose or flow will be listed by the host, which those participating will practice and share on their own social media platform. Our challenge runs for 14 days. 14 days, and so 14 poses for you to practice, photograph and post about.

But what if I can’t do the pose? Well that doesn’t matter at all. I chose to do a balancing challenge as it is, in my opinion, it is a varied and easily adaptable category of postures. There are SO many variations of each pose; plus you can use props, walls, friends (kind of joking) to help you out. The idea is just to have fun, and to start getting on your mat everyday.

I’m going to talk about building new habits soon, but for now trust me, small acts everyday work best.

Our challenge starts Monday! It will run from 3rd-16th December, and all you have to do to join is post a photo of the pose hashtagged with #balancingrudolphs (blame my Mum for the name idea) so I can see it, know you are in and cheer you on! I’ll post a list of the poses below. I am so excited to get started and I really hope you are too.

Our pose list:

1. Tree

2. Low lunge

3. Crow

4. Toe stand

5. Pigeon

6. Dolphin / pincha

7. Dancer

8. Navasana

9. Side plank

10. Goddess

11. Handstand / plank

12. Half moon

13. Standing hand to foot

14. Flying lizard / aeroplane